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What does a trip represent? How many times have you heard this question, how many times you said it, talking with some friends or simply thinking on the things you love the most. But after all, what it really means to travel?

According to the dictionary, to travel just indicate the action of moving from one place to another by making a journey of a variable duration. So, a concrete action that begins and ends within a defined time. But is that all? Can this be the only meaning of such an important and nuanced word? In our view, certainly not. For us, above all, is is an experience, often unpredictable and never predictable.

Traveling requires care of the details, but also the ability to wing it and adapt to unexpected situations.
A trip is made of sounds, scents, thoughts, places, music, connections, sometimes fleeting sometimes fundamental friendships for our lives. A journey is the fear of the unknown, but also the desire to learn more about life. A journey can be tiresome, but it brings passion and happiness. And, as Sant'Agostino claimed, a journey is knowledge because "the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page".

In a metaphorical sense undertaking a journey can also be considered as the beginning of a project, the will to reach a goal. And this is the central point of our initiative: a project with a goal.

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